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The Right Concrete Pump Type

The Type of Concrete Line Pump for Your Project

Concrete pumps are pieces of equipment that convey liquid concrete from the source of concrete to the place of casting. Based on the pumping pressure along with the ease of working and developing techniques, there are two major types of concrete pumping tools, and they include:

Number One: Boom Concrete Pumps

Unlike a concrete line pump, boom concrete pumps stay at one particular position for the entire time of the pouring process. So you could say these are stationary concrete pumps. They have a larger dimension, and they are placed on the ground. They come with a crane or boom arm attached to it, which comes in different lengths. The concrete pouring process with boom concrete pumps is performed by allowing the pipeline to reach along, upwards, and below. This also allows for tight spots to be cast.

Number Two: Line Concrete Pumps

A concrete line pump is a compact unit that is mostly used for minor construction projects. The arrangement has a line pump that is attached to the back of the truck, or in other words, the “arrangement” is also called a truck-mounted concrete pump.

The proper way to choose the right concrete pump based on the project at hand is by considering the volumetric concrete output and the pumping pressure. The maximum required per hour for a concrete construction project is determined for the work. Based on the type of pressure specified, this pressure is the specification used to select the right concrete pump.

We hope this information has managed to help you make the right choice for your upcoming construction project. If you are a business in Tacoma, WA that requires a concrete line pump or a homeowner who needs a pumping service, you can rely on the experts at Balta Pro Concrete Delivery for professional assistance. You can dial (253) 300-2999 to get in touch with us, specify your project, and make an appointment with us. We look forward to working with you. Give us a call today!

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