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FAQ About Our Concrete Supplies & Services

Balta Pro Concrete Delivery is a professional concrete supplier that also specializes in installation services of all sorts. We provide deliveries in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas and you can stay with us to learn more about concrete in general and see some of the most frequently asked questions we got over the years.


Q: Is concrete different than cement? 

A: Cement is a dry powder ingredient that is used to create concrete. Concrete is a building material made of aggregates such as sand and stone, water and most importantly, cement.


Q: What is the best mix for concrete?

A: Concrete is used for many different purposes, and each different application requires a different mix and ratio of ingredients. As a concrete construction supply company, we can help you choose the perfect mix for your project.


Q: What are the ingredients of concrete? 

A: The 3 key ingredients in every type of concrete are cement, water, and aggregate. These ingredients’ ratio determines the type of concrete produced.


The aggregates used differ depending on the application purpose of the concrete, for instance, a smooth concrete screed uses a finer aggregate such as sand, while a more structural concrete needs stones and large gravel.


Other materials can also be added when seeking for more qualities. For example, fibers can be used to enhance strength, retarding agents to reduce the rate of settling or practices for better workability.


Q: Does concrete qualify as a composite material? 

A: Yes, concrete is a composite material as ingredients used to make concrete are often derived from different types of rock.


Q: Is concrete ECO-friendly? 

A: There are certain types of concrete that are better for the environment than others. Concrete has a bad reputation on the ECO front but because its strength, durability, and longevity, it rarely needs replacing so in manufacturing aspect, it has a lower impact on the environment than other materials. Some of the aggregates in concrete can come from recycled sources as well.


Q: What concrete should I use for my project?

A: This depends entirely on the essence of your project and budget. To answer that, you should have a clear idea on the ground conditions, the purpose of the structure you have in mind, etc.


Q: Is there a standard concrete mix for general projects?

A: Usually, it’s the C20 mix that is widely used for general projects.


Q: What is lightweight concrete? 

A: The name gives it away, lightweight concrete is simply concrete that weighs less than standard concrete. You need lightweight concrete when it’s important to reduce the weight of the whole structure and it’s widely used for columns, footings, and other load-bearing components.


Q: What is a concrete line pump?

A: A line pump is a long hose attached to a stationary pump mounted on a trailer. Because of its flexibility and lower-volume capacity, this is commonly used for residential jobs such as repaving a driveway or building a swimming pool.


Q: Can you pour concrete in the rain?

A: We don’t recommend pouring concrete when it rains, especially when the rain is heavy as excess water compromises the strength of the concrete mix. However, if you are in a hurry and you already have a scheduled concrete truck delivery, we can pour concrete in such conditions, when absolutely necessary.


Q: How to prevent concrete from cracking?

A: There is no way to guarantee that cracks would not appear in time, however, when the right mix for the job is chosen and the concrete is properly maintained, it should last for decades before it starts cracking.


If you are in or around the Tacoma, WA area and looking for professional concrete supplies and a company that provides quality installations, Balta Pro Concrete Delivery is here at your service. If you have more questions to ask or simply want to book an appointment, dial (253) 300-2999 now!

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