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More About Our Services in Tacoma, WA

At Balta Pro Concrete Delivery, we understand your desire to know more about us before you decided to call us and hire us. This page contains information about our services in Tacoma, WA and how they can be beneficial to you. We have nothing to hide and our open communication with all our clients has earned us a loyal clientele that has us on speed dial. We are ready to start new projects. Stop wasting time and call us.

Concrete Truck Delivery

Concrete Truck Delivery

Our Services Are

Concrete Supplying

We can supply our clients with different types of concrete mixtures that will enable them to erect the sturdy features they desire. We personally test the materials we offer because we want to be sure they are up to par with the highest standards of the industry and local building codes.

Concrete Line Pump Rental

At Balta Pro Concrete Delivery, we can rent out various machines, including a concrete line pump that will speed-up and ease the pouring stage of your project. Our technicians will lend you a hand and either instruct you on how to use our machines or operate them for you.

Concrete Delivery

We can deliver high-quality concrete to any address without our area. We use top-notch trucks to prevent any spillage during transit and to quickly bring to our clients the quantity they need for the execution and complication of their projects. Our prices are reasonable and budget-friendly.

Concrete Patios

You can use our services in Tacoma, WA and have us assist you with the construction of your concrete patio. We can different pouring and building techniques to erect solid and dependable features that can withstand their exploitation and the natural elements.

Concrete Sidewalks

We can also aid you with the pouring and shaping of your sidewalks. We take joy in working with our clients as it allows us to forge a long-lasting relationship with them. We can also create driveways and other concrete surfaces.

Call us at (253) 300-2999 now and schedule an appointment with us to book one or several of our services.

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