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Is Concrete Pumping Useful for Any Construction Project?

Benefits of Using Concrete Line Pump


We’ve all seen concrete pumps in large-scale commercial construction sites. These pumping machines make placing concrete to tall buildings possible. They aren’t limited to large commercial projects. These pumping lines are equally useful for residential construction projects, regardless of size. Below are the benefits of using a concrete line pump for your project.


They make concrete placement faster and easier

Speed greatly matters in any kind of construction project. Making use of a concrete pumping method speeds up the whole construction process without compromising quality. These pumps are mounted on trucks and ensure that the concrete is poured at a much faster rate to all areas of the site. With this pumping equipment, you won’t need to keep moving mixer trucks around the edge of the slab. Pump truck specialists can easily operate these line pumps with a remote control to place concrete as directed. There’s no need to use wheelbarrows, rakes and cranes to drag the concrete a few feet from the truck chute’s discharge point. There will be fewer stoppages and delays.


Concrete pumps can give you accurate and quality results

The concrete pumping method guarantees a more accurate result as you get a more even and polished finish. Compared to other concrete pouring techniques, concrete pumping requires less amount of water which preserves the inherent strength of concrete and prevents it from cracking or shrinking when placed.


Concrete pumping machines reduce the overall cost of labor

These machines can do the heavy work for you so you won’t need manual labor to carry concrete to any point in the site. Concrete pumps help you save on the overall cost labor this way. You can hire more people to work on other important aspects of the project.


Companies like Balta Pro Concrete Delivery provide concrete line pump rental and services to help commercial and residential property owners complete their construction project. Contact us at (253) 300-2999 to learn more about the concrete services we offer to clients in Tacoma, WA.

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